Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Knightshade update and Sleets paw.

I have been working more on Knightshade when I've had chance between work and dogs etc...
I layered everything up on the body but still remaining quite loose at first. I started to refine a little in this one and also did a bit more work on the mane and a tad on the tail. The front legs had more detailed work on them along with the head.
Here you can see the serious detail starting to appear. Still a lot more work to do, especially on the backend, mane and tail. The furthest hind leg will be kicking some of that muck up so I need to paint that in also before I can finish the nearest hind leg.
It is finally starting to look more convincing anyway.

Back to dogs, Sleet was stitched up at the vets and is now home and as perky as ever. She's putting a bit more weight on the paw with the gash now and the other has a little fetching red bandage on it. She hasn't been on walks until today when I took her for a little stroll around the block because I worry about the stitched up gash getting covered in sludge etc...
I've taken the chance to be able to focus on Wren when I walk her and do some training and playing.

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