Thursday, 16 June 2011

More art...

I've been seriously neglecting this blog of late but here is some more recent art news. I have only just started a new commission after over three months of no painting...just the odd few sketches. I have another commission lined up after this one too but the preperations for that one have proven to be a nightmare (Will talk more of that later). I'm finally ready for it but had made a start on the current one which is only small so now it can wait until my current one is completed. I'll post seperately regarding the progress of the commissions.

'Observe' (Below) was accepted into the open exhibition at the Ferens Gallery in Hull and sold whilst there. The buyers were the same people who bought 'Emerald Gaze' there a couple of years ago (Also a tabby cat painting) so it seems I acquired my first collectors, lol.

This is one I finished at the back end of 2010. It will be entered into Grainthorpe festival of arts this year.

This is from a ref I took of my sisters horse a few years ago. I completed it in Fabruary and was the last painting before my hiatus. It has been entered into Holmfirth Artweek which is next month.

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