Monday, 23 February 2009

Sleets first anniversary of being with us.

It is exactly a year ago today when we went to buy Sleet as a 12 week old puppy. She was one of two bitches left, the other one being quite a little bully who barked a lot at Sleet whilst we were there. Sleet on the otherhand was a nervous little recluse but I took her anyway over the other one. Within a couple of days of being with us, she was a different pup. She was running all over the house, would bring all her toys into the front room one by one, run around like a mad thing, wanted the cats to play with her, playing tug of war with us and using those needle-sharp teeth generously in play and beating up my sisters adult male BC when she brought him round. Getting away from that bullying sister was the best thing that happened to her. She still sits there and looks scared if a dog yaps at her in play though. She never forgets that. Normally, she LOVES to play with other dogs but she still doesn't like them barking AT her. At the same time, she soon learnt ground rules and tricks and our general routine. She only ever chewed her toys, never anything of ours...other than our hands, feet and arms, lol. Not like Wren who wanted to chew everything she shouldn't..and still does sometimes.
Sleet has thrown quite some challenges and has proven to be a very smart dog...learnt to open doors as soon as she could reach the handle. She has quirks I've never had to deal with previously and has taught me a whole lot more than what my previous dogs had taught me and still does. She's definitely a character..and a poser!!
Here is a recent pic taken a couple of days ago. Sleet just knows how beautiful she is and makes sure everyone notices...or else:D
Beating Monty up as a puppy....

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Bordershot said...

You are right, her eyes say that she really knows how beautiful she is ;o) Both dogs look great!
Im glad to find your blog.
I`m going to stop here time by time.
Greatings from Germany