Monday, 16 March 2009

Wrens first flyball win.

On Saturday, we were at Markfield yet again and, as is usual for Markfield, the weather was nice and sunny and pleasant. My sister and I managed to get Wren and her young dog Storm into another team to make numbers up. We ran with the Kaos Krew (Many thanks to Joanne and co for having us and making us feel welcome all day)
I was a little concerned about Wren as she gets very little training in because of my work. Despite this, she ran fine but decided that she was going to change which way she turned. We noticed her missing the ball and fumbling a few times and then it became apparent that it was because she was now wanting to turn the other way. I don't know whether it was because Kaos Kew use a Boomerang box and Wren is used to Canadian but we tried her with the ball in the other side on a test run and it worked so we kept it there. I also started getting the hang of being at the start and knowing when to release her from looking at the lights. Again, many thanks to Joanne for the advice on that.
The team did really well and we won all the races throughout the day despite the few minor mishaps. There were just a couple of legs we lost but we still got best out of three each time and so won 1st place in Division 4. As we were running a newly concocted team, we had no idea how we'd do so it was a very nice surprise for all of us.

No photos of them running for obvious reasons but I have a photo I took of Wren enjoying a little run about with Storm just before we put them back in the car and left for home.

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