Sunday, 21 February 2010

Most recent paintings.

Since last updating my blog with art, I have created a few more paintings. Conan the Bull terrier, a commission I created back in November after the greyhound painting. Then i started the snow leopard. I put that on hold at the beginning of January to do a last minute commission of Belle the border collie x and then resumed the leopard afterwards. Once that was finished, I started a new piece of the foal from a ref photo I took a couple of years ago. I have used the airbrush I was bought for Xmas 08 for the first time with the snow leopard. I used it again with Belle and the foal painting but only for the backgrounds. I'm quite pleased with the effects I can get with it although it does take some getting used to and can be quite fiddley with swapping colours and constant cleaning it out etc...

Here are the four paitings. 3 completed so far this year quicj is pretty good for me. I now have to start a small portrait of a scruffy looking heinz dog that I donated as a prize for the Rotherham Dog rescue Xmas raffle.

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Judy said...

Your work is amazing.