Tuesday, 2 March 2010

More agility.

The agility training has continued Two more sessions since the last post about it. Sleet and Wren have continued in the fun class for the time being. I've booked a place for the training day on March 27th with Alistair Bray so that should be quite interesting.
Neither of them have a problem going over the higher stuff such as the A-frame as evident in the photos below that I took of them posing on top of it. Sleet even went to have a second go as we walked back past it without me actually asking her.
They've also both been through the collapsing tunnel without it being held up and so their confidence is definitely growing. Sleet just needs to learn that the tyre needs to be jumped through...not detoured round even if the detour is longer and takes longer.:D
No training this week as I have to work..boohoo!!

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