Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sleet and Wrens new Amazing double trick!!

I know this blog has been seriously neglected of late. I should get around to posting news more often...if anybody bothers to come check it out anyway.

Meanwhile, here is a video of a new trick I taught Sleet and Wren to do.


Judy said...

Sleet and Wren are gorgeous and soooo clever.

Judy, Aus.

Arizona Joan said...

Gorgeous artwork and wonderful dog training. I wish you lived on this side of the pond.
Arizona, USA

Arizona Joan said...

Wonderful dog training and gorgeous artwork. I wish you lived on this side of the pond.
Arizona Joan

John Garrett said...

That is an amazing trick! Though I had a BC for 13 years until I let her go across the Rainbow Bridge in 2009 who could do amazing things as well.

You have some amazing artwork as well.