Sunday, 3 October 2010

Some new artworks

Here's a few artworks I've completed since 'Observe' which is the last painting I posted here.

The first is a commission of two Border Collies called Monty and Beau. Their owners live in france but I was commissioned by their relative who lives local to me.

This one is called 'A Fine balance'. I entered it into the 2010 Grainthorpe festival of arts and it won the Jackson's arts award there which was excellent.

Last but not least is a painting of my own little Wrenny Wrenster. I called the painting 'Attentive'. It's from a photo I took when she was only about 10 months old but I always knew I'd paint this at some point.

I'm currently nearing the completion of a new commission so I will post that soon.


yettontop said...

Wow! Those are amazing. I'm so in awe of people who have the sort of artistic talents that you have!

Judy said...

Your painting is incredible!!!

Judy, Aus.

Bev said...

Hey Toni, you hiding your light or what....winning a main prize for your Cockatoo, wow congratulations, well deserved. I love your picture of Wren, a wonderful representation of the collie breed.