Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Emerge - Lion painting in progress.

I started on a new personal painting as I don't currently have any commissions and I need to cary on building my portfolio and also need new stuff for exhibitions.
I decided to do this Lion.
The ref photo was a little lighter and the lion was laying down. He also had bars going across him as he was photographed in a zoo so I had to get shut of those.
I stood him up and made the whole thing a bit darker so only the more highlighted areas could be seen along with minimal partially lit areas.
I love to paint this type of excites me, lol!!!

Just the first two stages so far. I tend to paint different paintings differently and that something inside my head told me to do this one my painting over the whole thing with base colour and then gradually build up layers and refine...working lighter and lighter on each area. I often paint totally different to this and paint sections at a time which is a bit more unusual.

Ref photo credit:


Dee Dee said...

The lion is looking GREAT TM! I can't wait to see this one finished, love the dramatic lighting and mood.

Toni-Marie Hudson said...

Thanks Dee. I started watching your blog but of course you haven't updated it for years..:D

All you need to do now it add yourself as a "Follower" of my blog. I want to look popular...HAHAAAA!!!!:D